¿ A quién le importan las heridas cuando se está bailando ? 1,  2,  3

I live a living death.


Before an existence without vigor, over and over my feet move to face the disaster. My body, loose, cadaverous, gets excited quickly, shakes and turns, dances! dances!. He dances his pathetic and awkward dance. At the rhythm of polka I dance and embrace the disaster.


My worms will continue dancing.

Work in progress.


The piece has been support by Red a cielo abierto to present the work at Festival Sismògraf of Olot, Festival Trayectos of Zaragoza and Festival Figueres Es Mou. 

Artistic team


Direction and choreography: Joaquín Collado

Performing: Martina Rocosa, Diana Grytsailo y Joaquín Collado

Dramaturgy assistance: Oriol López

Sound and light technician: Michal Budzinski

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