Antes Collado (Villamalea -> Albacete -> Castilla-La Mancha -> España.1991)


I am a choreographer and dancer. I am interested in thinking about choreographic writing through images and postures that exceed the conventional parameters of dance and body. My research is about proposing new poetic ways of exposing and gazing at the relationship between human, animal and landscape.


I trained in a self-taught way in sports ballroom dance and urban and contemporary dance as well as I studied Fine Arts and drama at ESAD in Valencia (both unfinished studies). I am a Stott pilates instructor and I practice Ashtanga yoga mysore. All these experiences have structured my polyhedral way of approaching the artistic practice.


I have presented my works in contexts such as Dance Venice Biennal, Metropolitan Dance festival of Barcelona, American Dance Festival in the US, Nuit Blanche festival in Brussels, Cádiz en danza, Jerusalem International dance week, Beijing dance festival and the choreography competitions Paso a dos and MasDanza in Canarias, among others.

I frequently collaborate with Ça Marche, a theatre company who is based in Barcelona. The cave sleeps (with that rock on top) and GodMar were some of the projects which we created.