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The first part of the project has been supported by Creación Injuve 2019/ Institute of Youth of Spain and the Institut Valencià de Cultura and co­produced by the theater La Mutant of Valencia. This period includes the residency research at the American Dance Festival in Durham (North Carolina, US) and at the CDC of Teatros del Canal,

The solo piece was premiered at the theater La Mutant in Valencia the April 12nd 2019, in the frame of the 2019 edition Dansa­-Valencia festival.

Crisálida (Chrysalis) will be the second project of a set of future works about the notion of human vs lansdcape and the perversion of nature by man, which began with Nereo drowning and Nereidas.

Artistic team



Direction, choreography and performing: Joaquín Collado

Dramaturgy assistance: Oriol López

Scenography: Carmen Triñanes

Rehearsal assistance: Nico Jongen and Cruz Hernández

Sound and costume: Joaquín Collado

Sound and light technician: Michal Budzinski